Last week, Thursday 9th September, we spent the whole night within the home of one of Europe’s most haunted locations – that of 30 East Drive.

The house is situated on a council estate that is nestled away on the outskirts of Pontefract and when passing by, it looks no different to any of the others that surround it.

Many stories are linked to the place, with the so called ‘Black Monk’ being the most prominent. He is now commonly known as ‘Fred’ and is just one of two poltergeist that haunt the house.

The story of ‘Fred’ goes back to around the sixteenth century and how he was part of a Cluniac Monestry. During his time as a monk, he had raped and then killed a young girl before throwing her down a well and it is her spirit that now haunts 30 East Drive (along with a few others!)

The well was built over during the development of the housing estate and yes, you have probably guessed by now, 30 East Drive was built over it – well, over half of it as the neighbouring house was built over the other half.

As for ‘Fred’, well, he was caught and tried for the murder of the young girl and after being found guilty, he was hung on a gibbet that was situated on an old crossroads that is now covered by a roundabout directly opposite 30 East Drive.

The house gained more notoriety after a movie called When the Lights Went Out was released in 2012. It tells the tale of the Maynard family who moved into the premises in the 1970s. They soon discover that the house holds many secrets!

For more information on 30 East Drive, please visit

Our investigation

Having spent the entire evening and early morning at 30 East Drive and after undertaking many experiments, I think I can safely say that ‘something’ is definately weird about the place. We heard the odd ‘tapping’ and ‘knocking’ noises that we couldn’t explain. Motion sensors seemingly came on by themselves. We also captured some interesting E.V.Ps that we just cannot debunk!

Anyway, if your interested in the paranormal, please check out of video and let us know what you think!

If you want to experience 30 East Drive for yourself, please visit . We booked with these guys and I have to say they were brilliant! Our hosts, James and Carol made everyone feel welcome and their knowledge of the history of the place, along with giving people the opportunity to try and communicate with the ‘presence’ that is contained within the walls was second-to-none and by the way, we have not been paid to promote their services!

Check them out and see if you dare to enter 30 East Drive!

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