Having spent a few days away, we toyed with the idea of changing how our website looks. We have wanted to try and brighten it up slightly, instead of the dull colours that accompanied the old look, so we have gone with a brighter, cleaner looking template.

The stories will of course always remain the same in terms of format but we just wanted a cleaner, fresher look to the site.

We hope you like this new look but as always, if you have any recommendations, please use our contact form and let us know!


I forgot to add that some older links that may have been shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not take you directly to the story that has been shared. Instead they will bring you back to our website homepage BUT you can still easily find the story by using the drop down options in the menu either at the top of the screen if using a computer OR by clicking on the 3 bars top right if using a mobile phone.

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