Ever since we started on our journey of uncovering the hidden stories and gems from by-gone times, we have come across a huge amount of material, some funny, some extremely dark and some being a little quirky. We love coming across stories that have laid dormant in the middle pages of local newspapers dating as far back at the late 1700’s – stories that have occurred on our very own doorstep (so-to-speak) that people simply did not know about, and the buzz we get when finding them is something else!

But what gives us the biggest buzz and puts huge smiles on our faces is when you, the reader / listener, keep coming back and commenting on our stories or recommending other stories to us. There is not a better feeling knowing that from all the hard work we put into each story, from the initial research to actually putting boots on the ground and visiting some of the locations where the stories played out, people out there who visit our website as well as our social media platforms and the wide range of podcast apps seem to like what we are doing.

We often get asked if it is okay if our work is published on Facebook groups, shared on twitter and instagram and even used in local newspapers and our response has and always will be – GO FOR IT!

So, if you have happened to stumble upon our website and have liked a story or two, please feel free to share them with others! The more support we receive, obviously the more people are made aware we exists! And the more people that know about us then the better chance more stories that we havent yet heard about may, just may, be recommended to us.

As always, many thanks for supporting our site and the wonderful stories we have uncovered.

C & V

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