We are trying to raise money for a memorial to remember those killed and effected by the rail crash of 1860 that took place in Helmshore.

In the early hours of September, 4th 1860 – three trains had left Bellevue Gardens in Manchester to make their ways towards Ramsbottom, Helmshore, Haslingden and further afield, Accrington.

Between all three, there were around 2,453 passengers travelling back after enjoying the previous day in Manchester watching a brass band competition.

Unfortunately, two trains would never complete their journeys as, after arriving at the Helmshore station, several carriages broke free from the second train, sending them back down the incline heading towards the Ravenshore Viaduct, – at which time the third train was already making its approach towards the same station.

The result was a catastrophic collision that claimed the lives of eleven people and leaving well over one-hundred badly injured.

It was a truly horrific scene, with hundreds of people being left dazed and confused and not realising the true extent of what had happened.  Local’s living near to the scene came out to help as best as they could, taking the injured into their homes to attend to their wounds.  Many went to hospitals in Accrington and Manchester.  As for the dead, they were taken into a barn situated behind the Turner’s Arms Hotel (not the Station pub) where they would eventually be identified.

If you wish to know more about this tragic event, please visit our website at www.daysofhorror.com and you can also watch a video we did covering this story over on our Youtube channel – The Helmshore Rail Incident of 1860 .

We are currently revisiting this story as we have come across more information since the original story was published back in August 2020 and because of the original piece we wrote, we have been inundated from people asking why no memorial was ever erected in the memory of those who sadly lost their lives.

This also got us thinking as to why none have any been erected and over these last few months we have begun looking into ways of possibly erecting our very own memorial to remember all those effected.

With the help of Labour Councillor, Samara Barnes (Rossendale and Lancashire County Council), we are hoping to having something in place by September 4th, 2022 – which will be 162 years to the day when the incident took place.

We want the memorial to be a long lasting piece that people will hopefully see and stop to read, so it has to be quality made!  With this in mind, we are looking to raise £1,000 as quotes for something like this to be made range from £800 to £1,000.  Once we have hit our target (or even passed it) and the memorial has been made, any money left over will be donated to a local charity.

The location of the plaque has yet to be decided but we do have two places in mind.  However, we will keep people uptodate with that as we get closer to September, 4th 2022.

The memorial will look something like this (black with gold lettering and border) ;

So, if you could help with this project, your contributions would be greatly appreciated.  And as a thank-you, we will be setting up a page over on our website with the names of all who have contributed as well as dedicating a huge thank you and shout-out on any and all of our upcoming videos and podcasts that will be released throughout 2022!

NOTE:  If you do not wish to be named either as a contributor on here or on any of our platforms, please remember to CLICK the little box that will HIDE your name from the public BEFORE submitting your donation!  That way you will remain anonymous.  Although we (Chris and Vickie) will see your name as being the moderators, you will still remain anonymous to others.

Many, many sincere thanks for your support!



You can donate by visiting : https://gofund.me/548edd62 or click on the donate button below.