Back in August 2020, we covered the story of how two trains collided in the small village of Helmshore on the 4th September 1860, resulting in eleven people losing their lives as well as over one hundred being severely injured.

That story seemed to attract quite a few people to our website with some asking why a memorial has never been put in place to remember such a tragic incident.

Obviously this is something we cannot ever answer but it did get us thinking.

We then went out and produced a video which was released on May 1st 2021, where we talked about the incident as well as show people some parts of the village where it all unfolded.

We are currently in the process of revisiting this story as new information has come to light. Plus, we will be making another video, taking you guys to the exact location of where the two trains collided in those early morning hours of 4th September.

However, its the memorial we are going to be concentrating on throughout 2021.

Having teamed up with Labour Councillor, Samara Barnes (Rossendale and Lancashire County Council), we are hoping to having something in place by September 4th, 2022 – which will be 162 years to the day when the incident took place.

BUT, we need your help!

It will cost around £1,000 to have a memorial plaque made for us. The plaque will have the names of all those who sadly perished that morning. It will measure 500mm in diameter and be made from cast iron. With a black ground, the lettering will be in gold as will the border.

With this is mind, we have set up a GoFundMe page where people can kindly donate any amount they wish to make this happen!

If you are interested in donating, please visit this link .

You can also read more about the incident by clicking here.

All there is left to do, is give a massive thanks to you all.


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