Bashall Eaves UNSOLVED murder of JAMES DAWSON (1938) // True Crime


On the fateful night of March 18th, 1934, 46-year-old James Dawson, having spent a few hours at his familiar haunt, the Edisford Bridge Inn, began his journey home.

As he trudged down the shadowy Back Lane, a sharp, eerie ‘clicking’ sound pierced the stillness of the night. A sudden, searing pain shot through his shoulder, but he brushed it off, unaware of the danger that had struck.

Four days later, Dawson tragically succumbed to his mysterious injury, sparking a colossal manhunt for his elusive killer.

To this very day, the enigma of his death remains shrouded in mystery, unsolved and haunting.

Join us as we visit each location in this disturbing and asking the many questions that have been asked before.

Documentary footage courtesy of Barry Shaw & The Village That Would Not Talk (1979)

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