What We Are About!

Searching for stories long since forgotten and re-telling the lives of all those involved

True Crime

Revisiting past crimes that included both solved and unsolved murders.

The Paranormal

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?


UFOs, Alien Abductions, Landing Spots – Do aliens exist?


Graveyard and Cemetery Walks, Abandoned Places and much more.

Become one of our ‘CURIOUS CREEPERS!’

It all started with a simple video filmed during March, 2021 in a remote woodland in the North West of England. From a dark cellar in the middle of nowhere to over 2k subscribers over on our YouTube channel, it’s all thanks to you.

We have now introduced a members-only feature that will give you the chance to participate in special events, livestreams and much more.

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality”

Our Latest Video

  • Welcome CREEPERS!

    Brand new to the channel is our CURIOUS CREEPERS members section. For just .99p per month (cancel at anytime) you will gain access to members-only badges that will appear next to your name in all comments left in our vidoes as well as a badge next to your name in any livestreams you may participate…

  • THE DEVIL INSIDE – The Horrifying Case of Anthony Hardy aka The Camden RIPPER!

    In the winter of 2002, a homeless man looking for food in rubbish bins in Camden came across a grim discovery: human body parts. But it was when the police would make further searches, it was soon apparent that there were at least two victims. This is the horrific story of Anthony Hardy, The Camden…

  • #FnF Watchalong – The Diary of Jack the Ripper

    In 1992, a document presented as James Maybrick’s diary surfaced, which claimed that he was Jack the Ripper. The diary’s author does not mention his own name, but offers enough hints and references consistent with Maybrick’s established life and habits that it is obvious readers are expected to believe it is him. The author of…

  • He Lived, Worked and Died here – JOE MEEK, the ‘TELSTAR MAN’

    In this video, we were caught unaware as we never planned to visit the former home and work place of the legendary, JOE MEEK! This is where the iconic ‘Telstar’ instrumental track was born! It was also where the ghostly and haunting track, ‘Johnny, Remember Me’ was recorded. It was an opportuntity not to be…

  • THE DEVIL INSIDE : Coming Soon

    Trailer for our NEXT video .. Music used : Ride – Rob Zombie


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