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Searching for stories long since forgotten and re-telling the lives of all those involved

True Crime

Revisiting past crimes that included both solved and unsolved murders.

The Paranormal

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?


UFOs, Cryptids, Mysterious Beasts and more weirdness!


Graveyard and Cemetery Walks, Abandoned Places and much more.

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It all started with a simple video filmed during March, 2021 in a remote woodland in the North West of England. From a dark cellar in the middle of nowhere to over 2k subscribers over on our YouTube channel, it’s all thanks to you.

We have now introduced a members-only feature that will give you the chance to participate in special events, livestreams and much more.

Our Latest Videos

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality”

  • UNCUT Interview with RICHARD FELIX | Talking ghosts, a ‘real life’ scare and Most Haunted!

    In the second episode of Days of Horror Unknown World, we speak with RICHARD FELIX, a local (paranormal) historian, tour guide, former MOST HAUNTED cast member, author and owner of a HAUNTED jail! In this interview, Richard talks about his scare with cancer at a young age, his first ghost sighting and how his career…


    Said to be one of the MOST HAUNTED buildings in England, the Ancient Ram Inn has frightened many people during their stay, but, what is the REAL story behind the place and the so-called ‘hauntings?’ We stayed overnight, just the two of us, to hopefully record and capture any paranormal activity that may occur. What…

  • The Mystery of the BLACK DAHLIA (1947) / Dark World Ep.1

    In this very first episode of ‘Dark World’ we retell the story of Elizabeth Short, or ‘The Black Dahlia’ as the press would refer to her by. Her body was discovered on January 15th, 1947 in an area called Norton Avenue in Los Angeles. To this day, her murder has remained unsolved. This is just…

  • #Livestream Friday Night Frights! MOVIES

    Join us on Friday 12th April when we will be discussing all things HORROR MOVIES and sharing our Top 5 list of favourites!

  • HIGHGATE CEMETERY / Catch-up & Extra Footage JEAN SIMMONS / Great Train Robbery

    In this video, the first of many upcoming ‘debrief’ videos, we will be talking about our visit to Highgate Cemetery as well as including some extra pieces of footage that didn’t make it into the original video. We will also answer some of the questions our viewers left in the comments section of that first…

  • The ANCIENT RAM INN – Brand New Video Coming Soon ..

    Trailer for our upcoming FIRST VISIT to the most haunted location in England. Welcome to The Ancient Ram Inn.


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