A Watch Against a Life – The tragic story of James Rostron (1902) | Haslingden | True Crime


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Frank Kershaw, aged 13 and who lived with his parents at Higher Lane, Haslingden in the North West of England, had known James for some time as both families lived nearby to each other, with the Rostron’s living at nearby Church Lane. And despite both boys being employed within different mills, Kershaw working at Hutch Bank Mill and Rostron working at nearby Plantation Mill, they would both see each other on a daily basis once work and schools had closed for the day.

They would also attend different schools. Frank Kershaw spent his afternoons at the Parish Church School whereas James Rostron would be educated at the Wesleyan School just off Manchester Road and it was from here that both children would meet up on a regular basis before making their way to their homes at the top end of Haslingden.

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