Accrington Magistrates Courts and Police Station were officially opened in 1935. It has a simplified and streamlined classical style with an ashlar, flat roof on 2 levels. One and two storeys.

The court house is single storey of 2 different heights.

Upon its closure, it has fallen into a somewhat derelict state, but its what is hiding in the dark recesses that brings in many paranormal teams who are all trying to prove the existance of life after death!

And the police station doesn’t fail to live up to expectations, with ghostly apparitions, audible sounds and the feeling of being touched by unseen forces.

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We visited this location at the end of October for our own Halloween special and we would like to place on record our sincere thanks to everbody at Into The Shadows for allowing us exclusive access into the building much earlier than the given event time.

You may notice that some of the people attending this event, including the hosts, where dressed in Halloween costumes, this was to celebrate Into the Shadows 1-year anniversary! CONGRATS GUYS!

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