#FnF Watchalong – The Ghost Dilemma!


#FnF Watchalong – The Ghost Dilemma!


Many people, ourselves included, have visited many locations in the hope of finding the holy grail and proving beyond a doubt that ghosts (or spirits) do exist.

Many have claimed to have captured via video or audio formats the true existence of life after death, but can their claims be substantiated?

Here at Days of Horror, one of us believes in the existance of life after death, whereas the other wants to believe but is more of a sceptic.

Join us on Friday, 8th March at 7.00pm UK time when we will be discussing the paranormal and asking the question, “do ghosts really exists?”

We will also be trying one or two live experiments and replaying some footage we have ourselves captured at various locations.

Hope to see you all there.


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