#FnF Watchalong – The Shocking Story of MARY BELL


#FnF Watchalong – The Shocking Story of MARY BELL


Mary Flora Bell (born 26 May 1957) is an English woman who, as a juvenile, killed two preschool-age boys in Scotswood, an inner suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1968. Bell committed her first killing when she was ten years old. In both instances, Bell informed her victim that he had a sore throat, which she would massage before proceeding to strangle him.

Bell was convicted of manslaughter in relation to both killings in December 1968, in a trial held at Newcastle Assizes when she was 11 years old, and in which her actions were judged to have been committed under diminished responsibility. She is Britain’s youngest female killer and was diagnosed with a psychopathic personality disorder prior to her trial. Her accomplice in at least one of the killings, 13-year-old Norma Joyce Bell (no relation), was acquitted of all charges.

Bell was released from custody in 1980, at the age of 23. A lifelong court order granted her anonymity, which has since been extended to protect the identity of her daughter and granddaughter. She has since lived under a series of pseudonyms. [Source : Wikipedia]

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After the documentary ends, we can all stay around for a little longer to chat about the case, giving thoughts and opinions and opening up some questions with each other.


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