Ghost Child footsteps caught on GoPro?


This is something completely different but something we thought we would share with you guys.

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Whilst out filming today, Saturday 2nd April 2022, for a new video covering the story of Elizabeth Walsh, myself and my wife clearly heard the loud footsteps or the sound of what we presumed to be that of a young child running alongside us.

The sound was clear and heavy as ‘it’ ran through dry leaves.

We both simply thought it was a child who had perhaps ran ahead of a parent, expecting to see someone walk past us. But nobody else was around! The sound stopped us both in our tracks and left us a little shocked.

This video shows the original, unedited, recording of part of the story I am covering. You can hear the footsteps towards the end. There is then a ‘cut down’ segment which will allow people to watch and hear the footsteps.

Seriously, I never swear on my kids lives, but this was so clear and yet nobody else was around, it has left us both spooked.

For context, we were filming in the older section of BURNLEY Cemetary, and whilst there were a few visitors to the place, all of them were towards to the top end (or new graves) when we were filming and nobody was even remotely close to us at the time we captured this footage.

So, what do you think?

If was certainly not a bird flapping its wings and like I say, to heavy to be a dog or cat (but we would have seen those anyway).


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