He Lived, Worked and Died here – JOE MEEK, the ‘TELSTAR MAN’


In this video, we were caught unaware as we never planned to visit the former home and work place of the legendary, JOE MEEK!

This is where the iconic ‘Telstar’ instrumental track was born! It was also where the ghostly and haunting track, ‘Johnny, Remember Me’ was recorded.

It was an opportuntity not to be missed and we thought we would take the relatively short walk from our hotel to 304 Holloway Road to record this famous landmark.

Joe Meek, a pioneer in the music who sadly died too young.

Read all about Joe Meek on Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Meek

Music in this video :

‘Telstar’ – Heinz and the Tornadoes
‘Johnny, Remember Me’ – John Leyton, Joe Meek, Geoff Goddard


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