In Search Of .. Ghosts of PENDLE


Pendle Hill has fascinated people for hundreds of years, when superstition and rumour could and would often lead to people being charged with witchcraft.

In this video, we travel back and into one of the last remaining pieces of woodland of Pendle Forest, situated directly under the foreboding shadow of Pendle Hill, Barley.

The weather was extremely poor, making it hard to record for long periods of time. However, we did manage to capture some interesting footage, all of which is in this video.

The K2 meters began to light up in several places. We did ask that all mobile phones where turned off prior to the walk, but as with anything, we cannot be 100% sure if that was the case. Bear this in mind whilst watching the video.

We managed to pick up some audible noises that we cannot explain, again, which is in this video and we think we may have captured a ‘figure’ on a pathway where we heard a whistle emanating from the darkness.

Due to the poor weather and the lack of footage in this video, we do plan on going back at some point to spend a lot longer and trying out several other investigations.

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