Looking for answers : Dowsing Rods pt One


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In this video, we try three experiments to see IF we can get our dowsing rods to direct us to some grave headstones.

For clarity, we knew where two of them were. We used these two graves mainly to prove to ourselves that the rods could indeed takes us to them. As for the third grave, Vickie chose one completely at random whilst I disappeared along another pathway. When I returned, I had no clue whatsoever where she went or which grave she had visited.

This video is not intended to PROVE dowsing rods are 100% accurate, nor is this video attempting anyone to believe in them. At the end of the day, it is upto each of you to have your own idea, theories etc on how they work.

** I also need to clarify that twice during the video, I have no option to move my right hand slightly higher than my left WHEN the rods began to cross. This was just to prevent them from both hitting each other and stopping. **

Is it muscle memory or a subconcious movement that makes the rods move? Or could there be another answer, one that we, as humans, cannot even begin to acknowledge or perhaps accept – and that we can indeed use our consciousness to ‘speak’ to another plane which in turn uses our bodies as a kind of receiver?

Personally, I find the whole subject fascinating, and we will use the rods in future videos to hopefully get answers to some of our future stories.

Please dont forget to comment, and let both me and Vickie know what you think of dowsing rods.


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