Our return to 30 EAST DRIVE – Ft. Daft Monkey | Pontefract | Ghost Hunt


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On Friday, 29th April 2022 – we returned to 30 East Drive to try and unravel the mysteries and stories that surround the most ‘haunted’ home in the United Kingdom.

Once owned by Joe and Jean Pritchard, who had moved into the property during August 1966, it seemed almost immediately that their son, Phillip who was aged just aged 15 at the time, witnessed strange events taking place.

For several years after, the activity within the walls of 30 East Drive increased, with their young daughter, Dianne, perhaps bearing the brunt of the worst of it.

It is said that the house is occupied by several spirits, but it is the so-called ‘Black Monk’ aka ‘Fred’ who seems to be the most prevalent, often making visitors to the house feel uncomfortable and he is also known to play games with those who dare to try and contact him.

Join us as we go face-to-face with the spirits, trying to contact them in the hope of proving once and for all if the stories are indeed true – 30 East Drive, UK’s most haunted home.

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You can also watch our previous visit (Thursday, September 9th, 2021) by clicking here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NMxfQ8jO00&t=1693s

In this video, we were joined by Daft Monkey and his dad, Stephen, from the Paradox Club, please visit their channels (links below).

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