Episode three of our podcasts, and we are talking about the movies Yellowbrickroad, We Go On and The Witch in the Window – movies from the minds of Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland!

We are also delighted to have Andy on-board with a special introduction to this podcast.

In this episode we are talking about the work of both Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland, two good friends who happen to make movies!

But before we get into any of that, we are blessed that one of the actors, well – the lead actor from We Go OnClark Freeman (who plays the role of Miles Grissom) has sent us a personal message and an intro telling us all his role in the movie and what the movie is about!

We cannot thank Clark enough and we hope you enjoy it as much as us. The video is opposite, so just click on the play button!

From the lovecraftian sort-of scares that follow a group of explorers who make the mistake of following ‘yellowbrickroad‘ – we discuss the meaning of the movie and how, by letting an obsession take over, you can be easily led down the wrong path.

We also discuss the excellent, We Go On – a tale of a young man with a fear of dying and who will pay the first person who can prove, without any question, the existence of ghosts or life after death and to the extremes he will go to.

To end the podcast, we talk about The Witch in the Window – a ghost story of sorts that delves into the relationship of a father and his son as well as how a broken marriage can have consequences on a young child. But the movie also revolves around the spirit of Lydia, a woman who passed away in her home which has since been bought by Simon (played by Alex Draper) and who has dark intentions aimed at her ‘guests’.

As always, if you manage to make it through to the very end, many, many thanks – and don’t forget to comment down below. Which is you favourite of the three movies?

If you haven’t yet seen any of the movies, then there are links below which will take you to other sites from where you can hire/purchase them. Please support indie movie developers!

For Yellowbrickroad – CLICK HERE


For The Witch in the Window – CLICK HERE

We have also written a little bit more about the three movies and if you are interested, pop along and have a read of that by CLICKING HERE.


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