The Abandoned Farm House / Lancashire


In this video, we travel far outside of our comfort zone as we find ourselves exploring an old and abanonded farm house just outside of Nelson and over in Barrowford.

We are excited to document this fine structure before mother nature reclaims the land and the building becomes nothing more than rubble and a distant memory.

OR, could new life be breathed into the place? We spoke with a lady whilst leaving the area, who is keen to buy and rebuild the old farm house. Fingers crossed she gets her wish and this building will survive for many more years to come.

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One response to “The Abandoned Farm House / Lancashire”

  1. Deborah avatar

    What a shame is there a date it will pro be a listed building Mullond windows . It just looks like our house ours dates back to 1630 ours is old farmhouse as well . All those people who lived there all those stories to tell amazing . I can send pics of my lovely old home and the original fireplace that was hidden under hardboard . Your video just struck a cord in me I do hope someone buys the old farm and take it back to it former glory so sad .

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