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A photograph from around 1900 that was published in the The International Library of Famous Literature, Volume XIII has caused quite a stir within the literature community.

It shows the famous Bronte Parsonage, along with several important clues as to when this photograph was originally taken.

Why is this one photograph so important? Apparently, it is one of the earliest known photographs taken (and now discovered) whilst one of the Bronte sisters was still alive. Aged just 39 years old, Charlotte Bronte was the last of the famous sisters to sadly pass away, dying in 1855.

The image of a woman, casually walking alongside the Parsonage could be Charlotte Bronte. However, many critics have dismissed this as being the case, whereas others have been eager to believe that the woman in the photograph is that of Charlotte.

In this video, we try to explain how this photograph can be dated and give our own thoughts as to who the mysterious woman could be.

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