The Burnley Ghost Child pt 2 | Burnley Cemetery


#Burnley #Paranormal #Spirit

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In this video, we revisit Burnley Cemetery to try and find a reason as to the walking footsteps we heard whilst recording a previous video.

That video can be found here –

We are 100% sincere in this and the previous video, as we went out simply to record a new true crime video for our Youtube channel and that of our website – . Never did we expect to hear the possible footsteps of ‘someone’ or ‘something’ running behind a row of gravestones and upon looking around, we could see nobody!

Using the #Necrophonic and #GhostVox (or #VoxTube) apps, we think we picked up some interesting responses!

We would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this video and of course, the previous video.


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