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During the autumn of 1950, residents within the sleepy village of Ewood Bridge were shocked to have learnt of the brutal murder of a young Yugoslavian man, whose body had been discovered within a platelayers cabin that was situated just a few yards away from the East Lancashire Railway line.

On the 9th of October, a man by the name of Alvar Howarth was making his usual trek to the cabin, which was someway off the beaten track, ready to begin his shift as a platelayer, or in simple terms, an employee who inspects and maintains railway lines.

Having to walk along within inches of the East Lancashire Railway line, he would soon arrive at his place of work.

The cabin was nothing more than a small wooden hut, and was situated just off an embankment that was only several feet from the main railway line.

On entering, he instantly noticed the body of a man lying face down on the cold floor, with his head facing towards a fire place.

This is the true story of Radomir Djorivic and Nenad Kovacevic.


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