The Double Murder at Marr Crofts (1825) | #19 | Birtle | True Crime


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At around 7pm on the 1st October, a man by the name of John Chadwick called at Marr Crofts, the home of Benjamin and Alice Cass. This in itself was nothing unusual as John would often call on his friend on a Saturday evening where they would share jokes, often talk about how well business was doing as well as take on a few shots of brandy or whiskey or whatever else was on offer.

John would stay at the Cass’s farm until around 10pm and after reading a pamphlet together, John bid his goodbye’s to both Benjamin and Alice.

Benjamin rose from his chair that was situated close-by to a fire and he escorted John to the door. Meanwhile, Alice was sat alone at the end of a couch which was also next to the seat that Benjamin had been sat in for most of the evening. She had begun to rouse herself from where she was sitting, apparently readying herself to retire for the night.

Outside, it was still raining as both John and Benjamin walked 10 to 15 feet out into the yard. There, they spent a few moments talking before John made his way into the darkness of the night and towards his home that was only around 300 to 400 yards away.

Unbeknownst to him that this would be the very last time he would ever see his friend, Benjamin, alive ever again.

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