The Ghostly Hounds of Helmshore | Investigation | Paranormal


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In this video, we delve into the local myth that is the so-called ‘ghostly hounds of Helmshore’.

As a kid back in the ’80s, I was told the story of two hounds that roamed Rossendale golf course, and as a group of friends, we dared each other to walk across the course on our own when the night was falling. Suffice to say, none of us ever did this!

Could these be the ghostly apparitions of dogs once owned by the farmer whose farm used to be located in the middle of the sports field of Haslingden High School?

This video was a last minute decision and something we never planned if I’m being honest but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

And, if you are local to Haslingden and Helmshore and you perhaps heard the tale of the ghostly hounds, please comment down below!


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