The Missing Dean Boys’ – A REAL Unsolved Case!


In this video, we travel to Dean, a small hamlet in Rossendale, Lancashire, to tell the story of two young boys, John Hitchen and Fred Williams, both of whom vanished without a trace after going out to explore an old, disused mine, known locally as ‘Dean Pit’.

Clive from Rossendale Collieries was kind enough to come along and show us where the pit is as well as supplying photographs for this video.

If you can, please visit his channel at

This video and the story we are telling is a puzzling case. What happened to the boys? People simply don’t just disappear into thin air. So what happened on the 29th August? Did the boys lose their way in the mines only to succumbe to the darkness? Or was something more sinister at play, perhaps abduction? Or was an accident to blame for the boys disappearance?

Tell us your thoughts below.

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