The Sad Case of Sarah Hannah Barnes 1910 | Haslingden | Local History


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In this ‘out and about’ short video, I’m taking you to a place that has long since been forgotten about. Back in the mid-to-late 1800s and early 1900s, Back Bank Terrace used to be located close to Blackburn Road in Haslingden, within the shadows of St. James Church.

During July 1910, the body of a new-born baby was found placed inside a tin box within the basement of number 29 Back Bank Terrace. The rotting smell of the corpse was permutating for weeks prior to it’s discovery.

Sarah Hannah Barnes was soon afterwards interviewed where she admitted that the baby was hers and that she had given birth 18 months before – which she changed to two years prior in back in 1908.

She was lonely, had no money to afford a burial and didnt know where to turn.



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