The Sad Tragedy of Julian Brookfield (1994) | Blackburn | True Crime


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When Blackburn Rovers went on to lift the Premier League title in dramatic circumstances on the 14th May 1995, it would be the culmination of 5 years’ worth of investments by a local man named Jack Walker, a lifelong supporter who would eventually change the fortunes of one of the former founders of the football league.

Former Liverpool player and manager, Kenny Dalglish was appointed in October 1991, and as Rovers secured promotion to the FA Premier League at the end of the 1991-92 season as play-off winners, in 1992 they would make all the headlines by paying an English record fee of £3.5million for 22 year-old Southampton center forward, Alan Shearer.

But behind the scenes, talks had begun on transforming the stadium and bringing it more UpToDate and to compete with the so called ‘big boys’ of the Premier League.

The biggest stand at Ewood Park, and the home of Blackburn Rovers Football Club is named after its former owner, Jack Walker – who had sadly passed away in 2000. It is just one of three stands that were built during the Ewood Park’s ground redevelopment in the early part of the 1900s.

But it was during its construction, a sinister secret would be unearthed that would rock the entire town of Blackburn and bring to an end a ten-year search.

On July 19th 1994, a workman called John Griffiths had been busy digging a boundary trench where a row of terraced houses that had been demolished along Nuttall Street had once stood. The morning had gone as normal, but he would soon be stopped in his tracks when the sight of a human head peered from under the rubble he was removing.

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