The Tragic Tale of Emily Holland (1876) | Blackburn | True Crime


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At the start of 1876, within the small town of Blackburn, Lancashire – Emily Mary Holland was just 7 years old when her life was taken away from her by a local man by the name of WILLIAM FISH, a local barber who lived on the same street as her and her parents.

This crime came only second to that of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders that came later in 1888 due to it’s barbarity and with a child being at the center of such a crime, it made news headlines worldwide.

An intensive and at times exhausting police investigation took place with many homeless people being arrested. Although evidence against them extremely poor leading to most, if not all of the men, being released.

The murder of young Emily, whilst shocking an entire nation, also became the first to be solved with the use of bloodhounds and it was one such hound by the name of ‘Morgan’ that helped bring Fish to justice.

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