The UK’s MOST HAUNTED House Gave Us Chills! 30 East Drive + REAL Poltergeist Activity


Said to be England’s most haunted house, 30 East Drive has a reputation unmatched when it comes to the paranormal. Reputed to be haunted by the ghostly figure of a black monk whose presence has tormented those who have dared to enter the house, 30 East Drive shows no sign of a let-up with its poltergeist activity.

Stories also tell of a poor girl named Emily, who was a victim of the black monk and whose body was disposed of down a well that is now occupied by the fireplace within 30 East Drive.

What we encountered during our solo visit sent chills down our spines. Low sounding thudding noises were heard during the night, along with strange whistles and squeeking sounds that none of us could find the source to.

We also used the GhostTube app and a VR headset to try and communicate with the spirits, and we were stunned by what we recorded! For more on this device, please visit

So, sit back, grab a pillow and immerse yourself within the walls of 30 East Drive!

Also, and this won’t stop people whining, but we KNOW cat balls and apps on phones are not scientifically proven! There is no-need to keep saying the same in the comments section. But if you watch the video all the way through, we will explain why we do use them.

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0:00 Intro
14:36 First unexplained audible noises
15:14 Coal room door open
25:10 REM Pod
28:21 Another unexplained sound
37:50 REM Pod
38:16 Eeerie Whistle
44:05 Ghosttube Seer
58:58 Contact with Emily
1:06:42 The photos are strange!
1:10:22 The coal room

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