These People Were Famous!


In this video, we travel over once again to the fabulous Blackburn Old Cemetery, and film just a handful of some of the most interesting graves and headstone that have always stood out to us.

This cemetery was first opened on the 1st July 1857, and consists of many celebrity interments as well as those poor souls who suffered at the hands of murderers.

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This is the first part of two videos from this same location as there are too many graves of interest to show you guys and the video would be far too long if we did it all in one go!

Special thank-you to Malc Cowle for the use of The Trinity of Life –

Emily Holland –
June Ann Devaney –
Mitchell and Kenyon –

Further links to the Frederick Kempster story

MatParks08 –

And over to @daftmonkey7296 who is currently putting together his own story on Frederick Kempster.

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