Welcome to 30 EAST DRIVE (again) but this time with BEARDO and TRUTH SEEKER INVESTIGATIONS


Yes, as the title and thumbnail CLEARLY show, we are back at 30 East Drive for our fourth time of asking.

However, this time is different.

During this visit, we were delighted to have with us Storm from Truth Seeker Investigations AND Beardo from Beardo Gets Scared – please check out both these guys channels using the links below.

In this video, we have edited it in a way in which we haven’t done so before, as you will soon see.

Anything or everything you see is what occurred during the evening. The video may be just over an hour in length, but it doesnt tell the full story as we have over 7 or 8 hours worth of footage that, well, in all honesty – nothing happened!

Beardo : https://www.youtube.com/@UC-n6RPkaXcP1h69BpHnblVA

Truth Seeker Investigations : https://www.youtube.com/@UC6Inv6POdedYRCty_XOpSTQ

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