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In this video, we visited Crosby beach and the area known as BLITZ BEACH.

This is a stretch of beach that is roughly over a mile in length and contains hundreds of tons of ‘rubble’ that consists of bricks, mortar, tiles, garden ornaments and even grave headstones that where destroyed during the Second World War when the German Luftwaffe destroyed large swathes of Liverpool.

Over 4,000 people where killed and upto 70,000 left homeless.Banks, churches, hospitals, schools and single family homes where destroyed in wave after wave of bombings.

In a rush to clear away the debris, some of the rubble was transported to Crosby Beach with some reports stating it was mainly to help prevent erosion of the sea front.

We don’t pretend to be historians and know very little about WW2 (and all other wars) so please be patient if we may have got things wrong in this video!

Daft Monkey – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwglc3zp3ImxB51XUrlq5BQ
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Black Saturday; the bombing of London’s docks in WWII – Yoho Media
Blitzed: Liverpool lives – National Museums Liverpool


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