WHERE THE ROSE IS SOWN : The Tragic Story of JACK BANKS, Darwen 1944



In this video, we re-tell the tragic story of how a 15-year-old boy by the name of JACK BANKS left his home in Darwen to go and fight for his country. He lied about his age just so he could join the army!

He was also the YOUNGEST soldier to be killed just six weeks after landing on Gold Beach during the Normandy landings on the 6th June, 1944.

Special thanks to Fiona Clark for allowing the use of her version of ‘Come Back to Me’, a song written by Stuart Adamson (Big Country) which is taken from the album, ‘Steeltown’.


Also, thanks to the Facebook page for Jack Banks for use of images – https://www.facebook.com/p/Private-14429036-Jack-Banks-100040885185656/

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