Why Was He Even Released? The Tragic Case of MICHELLE CALVY (1987)


Just after 9pm, on Sunday 12th April, 16-year-old Michelle Calvy bid farewell to her aunt, Anne Bevan, who lived on Tenby Close, Blackburn, and set out to catch a bus destined for home, yet this bus ride would forever elude her and fate thrust her into the clutches of a merciless killer. With an urgent need not to miss her bus, she made the decision to take a shortcut along Moorgate Street and down to a canal towpath, a decision that would prove fateful.

This is the horrifying and tragic case of Michelle Calvy and how Anthony Entwistle, a well known sexual predator, who was released from prison TWICE, only to go and commit the most heinous of all acts.

Please visit the Justice for Michelle petition (it was originally posted in 2012 but still worth visiting) – https://northwestallianceblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/justice-for-michelle-calvy-northwest-appeal/

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